Vital substances are important plant nutrients for the organism. Our body needs vital substances in their diversity to be able to function smoothly. In addition the body needs the building blocks of minerals, vitamins, trace elements, essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, dietary fibres and secondary
plant substances. In addition, the metabolism needs the necessary portion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates to stay healthy.
The need for micronutrients changes according to age, phase of life and lifestyle. Also diseases, an unbalanced or changed diet,
lack of exercise, stress, conflicts, traumas, pollution and environmental pollution as well as sleep deprivation and genetic factors can lead to
biochemical imbalance.

The intake of conventional medicine can unfortunately also impair the metabolic process over time and thus causing a micronutrient deficiency. No one can
external influences, which accelerate the aging process. However, there are possibilities to supply the necessary vital substances.

The herbal food supplements from Kingnature can compensate for deficiency symptoms, in order to help the to support the body in its metabolic process. These high-quality micronutrients act at the cellular level to increase the physical vitality, the immune system, the body's defences and the regenerative ability.

Price List

A first consultation including anamnesis usually takes one hour, sometimes a little longer. Further debriefings or a final consultation are not always necessary, but available upon request.

  • First consultation incl. anamnesis
  • 60 min.     CHF 160.--
  • Further consultations / final debriefing
  • 60 min.     CHF 140.--

Activation of the extra-cellular / intra-cellular cell metabolism with Matrix-Therapy:

  • Matrix therapy
  • 30 min.       CHF 70.-
  • Matrix-Therapy
  • 60 min.     CHF 120.-

As Kingnature consultant I am at your disposal for questions concerning your health and help you to you personally to make the best choice for you individually. With small simple steps, thanks to changed living habits and a nature-based nutrition, I support you in getting closer to your goal.