Matrix Therapy

The Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy (MARhyThe) is a holistic form of therapy for the sustainable treatment of chronic diseases of the nervous, support and movement system.

The uneven strain on the musculature due to long sitting at the workplace, incorrect lifting of loads and incorrect posture is leading to chronic muscle pain in more and more people, especially in the neck and spine area. Meanwhile, many suffer from damage to the nervous, supporting and musculoskeletal system. Classical healing and treatment methods with the usual diagnostic and therapeutic concepts often prove to be inadequate and above all expensive.

A new holistic approach has been researched in the research laboratories of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and developed for use in everyday practice. The result is the Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe), a new form of therapy developed directly from basic cell biological research. It is based on the vibrational behavior of the skeletal muscles and their characteristic frequency and amplitude spectrum. Such rhythms include, for example, the heart and brain rhythm.

MaRhyThe is based on the oscillation of the extracellular matrix. Chronic illnesses are usually accompanied by a shift in the regular rhythm of the body, especially in the extracellular matrix of the skeletal muscles. Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy uses a magnetic resonator to coherently excite the body's own rhythmic patterns, thereby restoring the functionality of the connective tissue. The micro-vibration of the skeletal musculature is thus returned to its healthy natural frequency.

Price List

A first consultation including anamnesis usually takes one hour, sometimes a little longer. Further debriefings or a final consultation are not always necessary, but available upon request.

  • First consultation incl. anamnesis
  • 60 min.      CHF 160.--
  • Further consultations / final debriefing
  • 60 min.      CHF 140.--

Activation of the extra-cellular / intra-cellular cell metabolism with Matrix-Therapy:

  • Matrix therapy
  • 30 min.       CHF 70.-
  • Matrix-Therapy
  • 60 min.      CHF 120.-

Especially for the following indications MaRhyThe has been successfully applied in various disciplines.

  • Reduction of swellings (haematoma, oedema)
  • Improvement of flexibility (pointed foot, scar, adhesion, contracture, postural defects)
  • Regulation of local or systemic muscular hypo- or Hypertonus (tension, spasticity, capsule stress)
  • Improvement of limited joint mobility
  • Amelioration of acute and chronic pain (muscle fibre overstretching, migraine, phantom pain)
  • Acceleration of functional and structural nerve regeneration (tinnitus, Carpal tunnel syndrome acceleration of the regeneration of diseases of the chronic degenerative form (rheumatism, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, arthrosis).
  • Restoration of the fine vascular system in the cutis and subcutis, (cellulite, varicose veins)

In addition, MaRhyThe therapy is used for rehabilitation after muscle injuries and for regeneration after training. Primary application possibilities are muscle care and the fight against muscle calluses or hardening.